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Tracey Jones
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What constitutes an orb...

Orbs are very suggestive when trying to decide if they are paranormal or not, i myself am not a great fan of them, as they can be any number of things ie, moisture, pollen, dust, lens dirt, flash back etc etc, so what do you look for when deciding if a light anomalie is actually paranormal? would be very interested in hearing others views....

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Well my views are much the same as i say why can’t the be seen with the naked eye before i take the picture also for some reason i am researching at the moment but i know a friend of mine can explain in-depth is that you more likely to pick up orbs with a compact camera than using an slr

I also do look into patterns more and the colour most fly’s pollen and dust come out white

I will post more in future when i have more findings


Andy Britten

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