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Boughton Cemetery Revisit - Northampton

23 July 2011

We just can't keep away...hello again spirits. Yep we went back to the place of our very first investigation, St John's Church Ruins in Boughton. We were not a full team, as Penny was unavailable.

This evening was meant to be a trip to test out my new Night Vision Camcorder, but turned out to be a brilliant night of investigation.

We all arranged to have a meeting at The Lumbertubs Pub at 8pm before-hand. We all had a good chat and discussed new places to investigate and also ones for the future. We headed over to the cemetery at about 9pm.

It was still quite light when we arrived. We got our equipment out of the car and headed through the creepy noisey gates and headed down into the church. We all walked off doing our own thing, taking photo's and getting a feel for the place.

I recorded a new SpookyMiki video. Suzie was having feelings at the tree that Penny made contact with a boy at, on our last visit here. Andy sensed a spirit but didn't make this known until later.

We were walking around taking lots of photo's, some interesting ones. I got my camcorder out when it was dark enought, it looked cool...just like being on Most Haunted!

I tried some psychometry at the side of the church ruins. I was there about 20 minutes and didn't really get anything come to me...that was until I opened my eyes. I saw a small boys head peer around the corner of the wall at me and then it vanished. I quickly ran round the corner, but nothing was there. Amazing to have seen it...he was about 8 years old, brown hair.

I asked Andy if he had picked anything up...he said yes, so I told him what I had seen. It matched what he had felt/sensed. This was good, a sighting that can be backed up by two different people at different times of the night.

We decided to do our first seance of the night. At the far side of the grounds, where Andy had picked up the boy. We set up the night vision camera and EVP recorders and began. We were getting like a whistling sound from a distance away and some other noises. It was really interesting and we think someone was there trying to communicate with us.


Next we headed off over to the tree at the bottom of the cemetery, where Suzie had felt something. Again we set up the camera etc... and began. We kept hearing noises and having a sense that we were being watched. We tried another experiment...human dowsing/arm raising. Only Keith and Suzie took part on this one. Andy and myself asked the questions. We made contact with a man whose first name began with N and his was from 1850-1900's. We got the letter N while the spirit was channelling through Keith and the date through Suzie. Keith's arm didn't really move a great deal but it was answering the questions for us. Suzie's arem nearly came off...it was like it didn't want to stop. When we finished the questions and Suzie's arm dropped, she put her hands on her face and burst into tears. She was very emotional from the spirit using her body.

We called it a night at this point, 12.40am. We went back up to the cars and had a chat about the nights events. We all agreed it had been a brilliant night with some great findings.

Boughton Cemetery never fails to deliver...see you next time

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