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Clophill Church Ruins - Bedford

9 July 2011


It was that time again...The best Paranormal team in Northamptonshire were going on the hunt for ghosts again. This time at the old church ruins in Clophill village. A very spooky and gothic looking church, left to ruins.

We all had arranged to meet up at Keith and Suzie's house at 8.45pm...I was early as usual, too excited lol Andy and Vicky were next to arrive, later followed by Penny. We all had a nice refreshing beverage before we left for some ghost hunting. I went in Keith and Suzie's car, the others went in their own cars. On the journey there, I was feeling very sick and dizzy and keith had to open the windows so that I wasn't sick. Not a great start to the evening...

We all arrived at the location at around 9.50pm. No sign of the security guard that Suzie had spoke to the previous week. We were free to go and look around with no-one watching our every move. The sun was nearly set and the old church looked very spooky. The actual church itself had a metal fence around it, because there was some excavating being done inisde and it was there for safety reasons.

We were walking around the church and the rest of the grounds, getting a feel for the place. There was a small field that was connected to the church grounds, which was full of grave stones. This is the place where people have reported the sighting of a monk walking through the graveyard and into the hedge.

We noticed a strange noise coming from the church...like a breathing sound, very spooky. We couldn't understand what it was but we knew it was coming from a small window in the clock tower.

We all were walking round taking photo's and seeing if we had any feelings or strange things happen to us. Andy and Penny felt very sick at a particular tree over the far side of the grounds.

We decided to do a seance in the bottom graveyard. Before we started, Vicky felt someone tap her on her left arm and she thought it was one of us, but no-one was there. We were calling out and having strange things happen to us. I had a pain in my right arm, Suzie had a pain in her left wrist, Andy kept seeing a dark figure moving from grave to grave in the middle of the graveyard. Penny had a feeling that she was heavily pregnant...she is not by the way lol

After the seance we took a look at the hedge that the monk is supposed to walk through. Andy got hit on the back of his head and Penny didn't like it at all.

We headed back to the church side...Penny had the feeling that a spirit wanted us to go inside. I went with her...we went under the fence and into the spooky entrance. It was quite small inside and had an unhappy feeling. Penny and myself went into the clock tower and heard the horrible breathing sound. It was full of bats and it was them making the noise...so relieved...no breathing paranormal church then. The hole in the ground was covered by a solid metal fence. Penny was drawn to this area...two bodies were being dug up before renovation work can be carried out. We were joined inside the church by Andy...he couldn't resist having a look lol

We came out of there and everyone joined Vicky, Suzie and Keith over the back of the church, not me though. I recorded another SpookyMiki video. I joined them after a few minutes. They were hearing noises in the trees behind. Andy was sitting on the floor further on, talking to a spirit. We decided another team photo was needed. Me and Vicky headed to the tree that Andy and Penny had felt sick at...Vicky and myself also felt sick in the same area? Weird...

We heard noises over by our cars. Suzie and Keith went to check it out. It was a group of four teenagers. They had a chat with us about the church and couldn't believe they had met a proper paranormal team...US. They disappeared and we stopped for a break. Food and drink gave us a little boost in the cold night air.

We did some investigating in the graveyard, in the trees and hidden areas...we found a small path round the back but it wasn't safe to walk on, much to Suzie's disappointment.

We went back up to the church to do some experiments. We did some calling out and then some human dowsing. Vicky and Suzie seemed to be affected the most. We went back to the cars and called it a night. It was now 1.30am and we all agreed it had been a successful night.

Definately a place to re-visit at a later date...stay tuned for more Northampton Spiritseekers investigations

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