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Grendon Hall

12 April 2008

One week after The Golden Fleece, I was off Ghost Hunting again...can't get enough!

This time it was a weekend at Grendon Hall. Three days of experiements, learning different techniques, meditation and of course Ghost Hunting.

I arrived on the Friday night at around 7.45pm. We all met in the library, where we were given tea and coffee. We met the two mediums from Fright Nights, Barry and Shirley. They seemed very nice. We were then told to go and find a free bed in the many communial rooms which would be our sleeping area for two nights. I found mine in the very top floor. I was not impressed that I had to share with 12 other people, but hay ho!

We chose our beds and then it was back downstairs for dinner. Only cold buffett food, nothing impressive. After dinner I had a chat with Barry. He has been doing these type of weekends for years. I told him about The Golden Fleece trip last weekend and what Richard Felix had told me about Yvette and Karl. Shirley and himself had worked up north with Yvette before on some paranormal work and Yvette was walking around like she was a movie star. She was very rude to Shirley and was only talking to people who she wanted too.

I was shocked by this, as the Yvette on TV is very kind and considerate...obviously just an act. Barry also told me that he had worked with a couple of the camera men from Most Haunted and they always kept stones and pebbles in their pockets incase it was a quite investigation, to liven it up a bit. Again that was not what I wanted to hear, I wanted to believe all of Most Haunted was real.

Anyway, some of us decided to go outside with our camera's to see if we could capture some paranormal activity, it was raining so the Orbs we were getting probably weren't real...just rain.

It was now close to 1am and befoe going to bed, six of us went into the kitchen to do a bit of glass divination. I didn't take part because I was too tired, so I just watched. The others took to the table and started asking questions. The response was very good. The glass was shooting around the table. We found out that we contacted two spirits, the Father and Grandfather to one of the men at the table. They had passed on a few years earlier. He was very emotional but also very happy to find out that they were ok and still watching over him. It was a good way to end the night. My bed was calling......

The next morning, we had breakfast and then started our first lesson...developing psychic ability. That was quite good, but I'm not too good at that. After lunch we had sensing and communicating with spirits. I liked that, seemed more interesting.

After dinner was what we had been waiting for. The Ghost Hunt. Another medium arrived to help out Barry and Shirley. We split up into three groups and went to various parts of the building. We went into my bedroom, which was a little bit worrying. Knowing there might be spirits around me when I was sleeping...not something I wanted to know. Anyway, we all sat on the beds and called out. Some people were seeing a little girl who was walking up and down the bedroom looking for someone, maybe her mum? This place used to be a home of some sort in war times, where children were sent to keep them safe. I did have my leg touched by this girl...apparentley and I did not like that. Too close for comfort. Shirley is also a psychic artist and was drawing the spirits she sensed as we went along.

We went into a couple of bedrooms where spirits were being seen by people, but I saw and sensed nothing. We all met in the library at the end of the Ghost Hunt to discuss what we had seen etc... One of the other groups had done glass divination in the kitchen and the glass flew off the table, pretty good if you ask me. A couple of us stayed behind with Barry and did glass divination in the room we had been having lessons in. We made contact with three spirits, Claire who was 24 and had worked at Grendon Hall, George who was 8 and he died there, and Dorothy who was 51 and did tea dancing there but she didn't doing it. She was made to do it by her Father. Barry was was watching from a distance and he did confirm at least one of these people he had already spoke to. 

The last days lessons were meditation and psychic ability methods. Learning to see things in pictures and learn how to get messages from these. Also paintings and psychometry. I found out that I am pretty good at this. I did experiments with two people and guessed things about them just from touching an item that belonged to them. I was very happy that I had found something that I could actually do. We all said our goodbyes and left. It has been a wonderful weekend and I have learnt a lot about the ways to contact the spirit world. It may come in useful in the future???

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