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Guys Cliff House - Warwick

20 September 2008

Guys Cliff House in Warwickshire. Reportedly one of the most haunted locations in England. This 18th century house sits in the middle of picturesque countryside.

The hosts for this evening is Paranormal Nights (again). We all had to meet in the car park at around 7.30pm. The sun was going down and as I drove into the grounds, the building lit up with the sun setting behind it.

Some of the quests I had seen and spoke to before...they were at Woodchester Mansion last month. We all chatted with anticipation about what we might encounter tonight. The building looked half built and not complete, but then again all old buildings that are supposed to be haunted look like this...it's the rule lol.

The crew came up the long drive to get us just befoe 8pm. As we got closer to the main entrance of the building, we could see green glowing lights and lots of atmospheric smoke...put on by the team for that spooky effect. It worked!

We all went into the dining area where a buffett of food was waiting for us. We all stuffed ourselves and had a couple of coffee's while the crew came round to speak to us all and see what we were expecting from tonights vigils. It was a nice way to get to know us and to answer any questions we might have.

After dinner we all were split up into three groups and went off for the talks on equipment, mediumship and a tour and general layout of the buildings (the usual start for a Paranormal Nights investigation)

During the equipment talk with Ian and Dave, a couple of us had a go using dowsing rods. We had quite a good response from them...whether from a spirit or a shakey hand...no-one will ever know!

I had a chat to Dave about Orbs and digital camera's. He told me that I should use an SLR digital camera because they pick up less Orbs and are more likely to be paranormal than normal compact digital camera's.

After the talks and some coffee, we headed off to start the vigils. We started off in the chapel room. We were calling out for spirits and trying to get the pendulums to work. A couple of people did see a red flashing light across the floor. We looked around for the cause of it, like pir alarm sensor but could find any. Next we headed upstairs into some old boardroom-like rooms. We all sat around the table and called out. Some of the people felt an evil spirit within the room. The crew said that it is supposed to be haunted by an evil man and that the room had a vortex in it - doorway to another relm. We contacted a spirit via our medium and she said that the friendly spirits in the building wanted to make themselves known to us but weren't allowed to because of the evil man and we were advised to leave the room or we might get hurt.

We left there a bit shocked and some of us were happy to get out of the room. More coffee and onto the next area of the building...the tunnel. It leads to an old storage area for the food, like a larda. We had to crouch down as we walked to the end. I was given an infra-red camera that I could look through, but it didn't record. We all sat around the small area and started asking questions. We didn't really get anything and I saw no Orbs or anything else paranormal through the infra-red camera. Next we walked along to a small detatched building. It used to be the old butchery. All the animals used by killed and stored in this area. It had no windows and was very cold and smelled funny. It had two parts to it, one large room and at the end a storage area down some steps.

We all sat down on the concrete floor. The only door into the room was now shut. We called out to the spirits, but we didn't get any response, no noises or lights. After about 15 minutes we all noticed the room was very dark and couldn't see the outline to the door anymore. I saw some red and blue flashing lights, other people also saw them. People were seeing dark figures walking through the room towards the steps. The room suddenley got lighter again and we could see the doorway...very strange.

We continued to ask for more activity and the room went dark again, more flashing lights and I did see a figure walk past me. I was very excited and I was getting more and more vocal, asking questions, shouting out what I was seeing. Then it went light again, just like that. I can't explain why it happened or how but I am very glad I was there to experience it.

It was now 3am and off to the last vigil locations. First was an old storage barn. It was full of tables and chairs and boxed up items. This room is supposed to have good activity, and in the past things have flown across the room. I was looking forward to this room. We sat in two groups at either end of the room. We asked questions, but nothing happened. We decided to move the tables around and try a seance. Two of the people were feeling sick had and pain in their arms and legs. It got stronger when Nick (crew member) tried to make the spirit angry. He was saying bad things about it and the results seemed to be causing more pain to the two people.

The last place was a small cave-like room under some steps. I had my voice recorder on and put it on a rock out of the way of where we were standing. It started bleeping and flashing after about 8 minutes and I just assumed the battery was running out and didn't think anything of it. We didn't get any response in here, so we left. I checked the voice recorder as we were leaving and it still had half a battery left...very strange, why was it bleeping and flashing?

It was now 4.30am and we all had a chat before we said our goodbyes. It has been a good night of investigating and I was happy with what I had seen. Another great night with Paranormal Nights...

When I got home and checked my recordings, I found a strange noise that was recorded in the cave at the end. It was a weird noise, like a wooo noise. I don't remember anyone doing that or hearing it when I was there. Paranormal?

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