Spooky Miki

Hell-Fire Caves

6 August 2011 


The Hell-Fire Caves...a place i've always wanted to go. Well today it was going to happen. I've watched the Most Haunted episode a few times and it looks so cool in the dark caves.

My girlfriend Sigi and Santa were coming with me. We got down there and had to park at the top of the hill. We had a look around the mousoleum before heading down the very steep hill to the caves.

It was only £5 to go down in the caves. It was cold once we had entered the caves, only about 10 degrees. We took lots of pictures as we were going round.

There were lots of mannequins of the original members of the Hell Fire Club all round the caves. Me and Santa had an area around the triangle, that made us feel dizzy and weird. Sigi also felt sharp pains in her head. Lots of strange feelings down in there.

This is a great place to have an investigation at night with all the lights off. The only problem would be the price, but if we had enough people to come with us then i'm sure we could make it happen.

I couldn't leave without making another SpookyMiki video. This place is a definate yes to come back to for an investigation.

We did gets lots of good photo's of orbs down in the caves.

We will be back.....spirits beware

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