Spooky Miki

Lings Wood - Northampton

4 October 2008

This was my first investigation under my Spook Nights group. I had 8 people confirmed for my first lone investigation.

Lings Wood is near my house and I have always heard lots of stories about the woods being haunted...a white horse walking along the path through the woods and then vanishing, and also lots of other spooky goings on.

Around 10pm I went into the woods to get a feel of it and do some base line tests...temperature, photos, any strange noises etc...

I went back at about 11.30pm ready to meet people, they started arriving at around 11.40pm. I was a bit nervous...no Paranormal Nights to take the lead role now, it was all down to me. When everyone had arrived, we headed into the centre of the woods. We parked up outside the 'White House', which is now a conservation building for the local wildlife.

Because we were going to be using a Ouija Board, I opened up the board and said a protection spell. We then headed off into the blackness of the woods. It was now just before midnight and it was very spooky as we walked down into the first area to investigate.

We went straight on with the Ouija Board. Three female guests were on it. It started to move after only a few questions. We contacted a small boy called Geoff, who was 4 years old and his Mum used to work in the house that was on the land. He told us that we were the first group to have gone into the woods and tried to make contact with him.

We moved off into another part of the woods next. A girl who was with us called Natasha was on the board with her friend Emma. They made contact with her (Natasha's) Granddad, who had passed away. Her Mum was also there but didn't have the strength to come forward. Natasha was so happy that he had come to visit her and now she knew he was ok and so was her Mum.

Next we headed off into the other side of the woods and it was the boys turn on the board. Me and Alex went on and it didn't move. We asked lots of questions and nothing. The place where we were, was at a small pond, where it is said someone drowned in there. Good place to try and contact spirits? Obviously not at that moment in time.

We moved to our final location back near the White House. The girls went on the board again, and straight away it moved. Geoff was back and he said that he only liked to talk to females because it reminded him of his Mum.

It was getting colder and it started to rain, it was 2am after all. We decided to call it a night. We headed backl to the cars and we all said our goodbyes. I closed down the Ouija Board and then also left.

It had been a very successful first investigation for Spook Nights and hopefully people enjoyed the experience...

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