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Lost Village of Faxton

11 June 2011


Today we, as in 'The Team' decided to go and try to find the lost village of Faxton in Northamptonshire. We had a long treck through fields, running from angry Bulls and through woodland. Also added to that, the devil that is wild nature (stinging nettles, brambles, blackberry bushes and not so natural - The Electric Fence).

We all had a fear in us when we were cornered by the Bulls. A quick diversion under the electric fence and into the painful plants. It is funny thinking back, but at the time it wasn't so funny. 


After a couple of hours walking, we eventually found the remaining part of the village, an Alter. It was inside some woodland. Around the base of the alter were a few grave stones and just down the hill were the remaining bricks of the church walls. It is supposed to be haunted. We will go back and do a night time investigation and see what we can capture.

All in all, it was a great team bonding session and it was good for our spirits!!!


















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