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My Paranormal Experiences

This section is all about what activity I have seen, heard and felt in all my investigations that I have been on. I hope you enjoy reading.

Golden Fleece Inn - York

Writing divination, glass divination, table tipping

Grendon Hall - Grendon

Glass divination, figure in a reflection on photos, psychometry with items from 2 people

Woodchester Mansion - Cotswolds

Whistling in bathroom, flash of light in bathroom, dark figure in cellar, movement on Ouija board, red and blue flashing lights

Guys Cliffe House - Warwick

Doorway changing colour, flashing red lights, saw a figure walk past me

Lings Wood - Northampton

Movement on Ouija board x3

St Mary's Guildhall - Coventry

Glass divination

St John's Church Ruins - Northampton

Pain in arm during seance, voice of a young girl

Naseby Battlefield - Naseby


Private Farm Offices - Whittlebury

Saw figure in corridor, felt sick in sewing room, pain in eyes in office

Salcey Forest - Northamptonshire

Falling feeling in clearing

Clophill Church Ruins - Bedford

Felt sick by a tree, pain in arm during seance

Boughton Cemetery - Northampton

Saw a head of a small boy around the corner of a wall

Delapre Abbey Tea Rooms - Northampton

Pain in the back of my leg where a scared spirit was hiding

Warwick Castle - Warwick

Heard the voice of a spirit girl

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