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Naseby Battlefield - Naseby

14 June 2011


Northampton Ghosthunters second investigation, they're coming thick and fast now. The battle of Naseby in 1645...Oliver Cromwell vs King Charles. Lots of bloodshed in only a 24 hour timeslot, 13-14 June. When you think of it in a spiritual way, there must be lots of ghosts who go back to visit this battlefield? It is said that on the anniversary of the battle, it gets replayed in the sky...we shall see!

We all met at Steve and Amanda's house before leaving for the site at around 8.20pm. Steve went over with Keith and Suzie and I went with Andy and Vicky.

When we got there, I expected there to be lots of cars and people around, but we were the only ones there...great for us.

Let me set the scene...lots of fields full of crops and a monument with a fence around it...that is all. We all had a walk around and got a feel for the place. We tried to find the place where the 'famous' photo was taken (see the purple pic in photo album). Suzie and Vicky went off around the edge of the bottom field but it was very difficult to go very far because it was very thick with weeds and crops.

The 'boys' went up in the top field to have a look up there. It was a bit easier to walk in that field, but getting through the small gap in the bushes to get there in the first place was much harder lol

Stephen said he felt something at 'the' big tree next to the hole in the bush. It took along time to get dark. When it did we started taking photo's around the monument and of the fields. Me, Andy, Keith and Stephen tried to re-create 'that' photo, it was hard but we got the right place of the soldier and the right position from where it was taken from...but couldn't do it.


Penny arrived at about 10.10pm, she had a quick walk around and said that 'the' tree had a small boy spirit hiding there, probably from when the battle happened and he got caught up in it. Penny went off in the fields with her dowsing rods. She made contact with some soldiers in the top fields, there were hundreds of spirits in the field with them. Penny and Andy were wondering why no poppies were growing in the main fields, only at the entrance? It is said that a poppy grows where blood is spilt.

At about 11.15pm we decided to call it a night, nothing in the sky and no soldiers walking past us. Suzie was feeling very flat after this investigation, nothing spiritual happened and not much energy.

A great place to go, but no a great place for activity. I'm glad we went but I wouldn't go back.

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