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9 June 2012

NSS travel to Drakelow Tunnels in Kiddiminster for a 5 hour investigation. Team members Andy, Alex, Penny and myself.

8 June 2012 

NSS meeting at the Church restaurant in Northampton this evening to discuss a Halloween event. Andy, Alex and myself attend.

17 February 2012 

Northampton Spiritseekers host a public event at The Old Black Lion pub in Northampton. We had 50 guests who had a scary time in the 5 hour investigation.

8 December 2011

Andy and myself helped out at Alex's work Christmas party at the Old Black Lion. We took them down in the tunnel on the ouija board. We got one of the girls grandfather come through. It was a great night and changed a few people's attitude towards the paranormal.

30 November 2011

Andy, Alex and myself had a small meeting at the Old Black Lion. It was Guy and Danielle's last night as management. We had a good 2.5 hours discussing the public event on Friday 13 January 2012.  

17 November 2011

Alex and myself had a quiet meeting tonight at the Old Black Lion. We discussed the NSS investigation that we did on the 12 November in the tunnels. Alex showed me some video footage that he recorded. Very interesting....

12 November 2011 

NSS had an investigation tonight at the Old Black Lion. We had a full team apart from Jamie. We had some great footage on the video from a Ouija Board session in the tunnel. 

3 November 2011

Had an NSS meeting tonight at the Old Black Lion. We had a full team tonight and it was very productive. 

31 October 2011

Me, Andy and Alex went down to the Old Black Lion tonight to host a Ouija Board session in the underground tunnel, on behalf of the Lighthouse Centre charity. It was only the three of us from Northampton Spiritseekers. They did a Ghost walk of Northampton first then we took groups down into the tunnel. We had about 80 people at the event and had a lot of activity down on the board. Lots of happy people tonight. 

28 October 2011

Had an investigation tonight at the Hind Hotel in Wellingborough with NSS. Team members were Myself, Andy, Vicky, Alex, Penny, Nick, Jamie, Emma, Gary and Claire. It was very interesting and strange. Check out the photo's and write up on here.

27 October 2011

I picked up our NSS clothing today from London.  

26 October 2011

Me and Andy had a meeting down at the Old Black Lion pub with Guy, about hosting a Ouija board session down in the underground tunnel on Halloween night. It is part of a Ghost Walk of Northampton.  

Me and Andy went down to a Dr Frights Halloween night in Earls Barton. Very scary with great shows.

22 October 2011

I went round to Andy's house to plan the Hind Hotel investigation. 

19 October 2011

Had an NSS meeting tonight at the Old Black Lion at 8pm. It was a very productive meeting. We all had a look in the tunnel under the building and also we went up into the function room.  

15 October 2011

I went on a recki trip with Alex from Northampton Spiritseekers, to Godstow Nunnery in Oxford. It is a very old stone ruin and has great potential for a future investigation.  

10 October 2011

I had a arranged to have a meeting with the director and manager of the Old Black Lion pub in Northampton. I went down with Andy from Northampton Spiritseekers. We had a tour of the building and we booked our next meeting here. 

6 October 2011

I went down to the Hind Hotel to take photo's of the function rooms, so that Alex can plan the layout for the equipment on our Halloween Investigation. I also recorded another SpookyMiki video.

5 October 2011

Had a NSS meeting tonight at Andy and Vicky's house. Lots of things were discussed, the future of the team, roles for team members etc...

1 October 2011

Northampton Spiritseekers made a return to Boughton Cemetery tonight for an investigation. The three new team members had their first taste of investigation with us. Team members were Me, Andy, Vicky, Penny, Nick, Becky, Alex, Emma. We got some really good results...check out the photos and the write up. 

30 September 2011

I went to Fotheringhay Castle today to record a SpookyMiki video. The NSS team will be going here for a future investigation.

23 September 2011

Sigi put up a flyer for Northampton Spiritseekers in the university today. 

The Northampton Spiritseekers business cards came through today.

21 September 2011

Had a meeting tonight at Tresham college in Wellingborough. Us four team leaders turned up and Emma B. Others couldn't make it for various reasons.

17 September 2011

Went to St Mary's Church in East Haddon for a research trip. Went down with Alex and met Andy, Jamie and Penny. It is a small but spooky church. A good place for a proper investigation. 

16 September 2011

Went to Warwick Castle tonight for an all night investigation with Paranormal Nights. It was really good and got lots of activity. 

15 September 2011

I went down to the Hind Hotel in Wellingborough to pay the deposit for the Halloween investigation. I was given a tour of the function rooms that we can use. 

13 September 2011

Went down to BBC Radio Northampton with Andy from Northampton Spiritseekers today for an interview with John Griff. It was really good and we got a good plug for the team.

9 September 2011

I took a trip down to Houghton House to night with my girlfriend Sigi. It is a large derelict mansion that has been empty for over 200 years. Made another SpookyMiki video.

7 September 2011

The first meeting tonight of our new look NSS team, at Overstone Manor. New members were Alex Duggan, Jamie Edwards and Emma Burge. Our other three possible new members couldn't make the meeting. It was a get to know you meeting and it went very well. 

2 September 2011

Me and Andy took a trip over to the old site of St Crispin's Asylum in Northampton. It is derelict and still has a horrible feel to the area. We couldn't get in though because it has large metal fence around it. Such a shame.

1 September 2011

Had a NSS meeting tonight at The Miller in Wellingborough. The four of us discussed the new members of the team. Lots of good things coming our way, including a radio interview and adverts being spread around Northampton.

24 August 2011 

The reamining four members of NSS had a meeting tonight at Overstone Manor. We discussed how we take the team forward, a more structured plan for the team and also new team members. We also welcome our extra member, Nick who will be our historian. 

23 August 2011

We had some sad news today, Suzie and Keith have decided to step down from the Northampton Spiritseekers team. They will be missed. 

20 August 2011

I made a trip back to the Hell-Fire Caves, this time with Suzie and Keith from Northampton Spiritseekers. We had a good look around, took some photos and discussed the areas in which to do an investigation. I also recorded a new SpookyMiki video. 

9 August 2011

Had a team meeting at the White Hart pub in Hackleton. Penny and Vicky couldn't make it. We spoke to the landlord about doing an investigation there, and he said yes. Just let him know when and what time. 

8 August 2011

Northampton Spiritseekers' investigation at Delapre Abbey Tea Rooms is in the Chronicle and Echo today. It's a great step forward for the team.  

5 August 2011

A reporter from our local paper The Chronicle and Echo contacted Andy and Myself about doing a story about our investigation at Delapre Abbey last week. This could be brilliant and take our team places...

I went to visit the very spooky Hell-Fire Caves in West Wycombe with my girlfriend Sigi and her friend Santa. Very creepy inside with strange feelings affecting all of us. I have to go back with the team to this location.

29 July 2011 

The team all met at Delapre Abbey at 8pm. We had an investigation in the Tea Rooms. Keith let us in and gave us a quick tour of the building. Team members were Andy, Vicky, Suzie, Keith, Penny, Nick (partner) and Myself. Check out photo's and write up on here...

23 July 2011

My new Sony DVD Night Vision Camcorder arrived this morning, great timing for tonights investigation.

Had a team meeting at the Lumbertubs Pub, before we went onto the re-visit investigation at Boughton Cemetery. Team members were Andy, Vicky, Suzie, Keith and myself. We picked up lots of very interesting stuff. Stay tuned for photo's and write up.

20 July 2011

Today, whilst driving around, I went to have a look at the old site of St Crispins Mental Asylum in Northampton. The clock tower and surrounding buildings are still standing, but it is heavily guarded by security. It has a presence about it and would love to find a way around the security problem. I also went to the Hell Fire Caves in West Wycombe. I will have to go back with the Northampton Spiritseekers team and spend a day in the caves.

19 July 2011

I made another SpookyMiki video today. It is a best of... from our investigations with Northampton Spiritseekers. It's on Youtube... 

13 July 2011

I took a trip to Boughton Cemetery this evening to record SpookyMiki part 6. It turned out really well. Check it out on my Youtube channel Mrmiki272.

9 July 2011 

Northampton Spiritseekers had our fifth investigation tonight. We went to Clophill Church Ruins in Bedfordshire. We got lots of great photo's and picked up some great stuff from Penny and Andy. Team members were Andy, Vicky, Suzie, Keith, Penny and myself. I recorded SpookyMiki part 5 on location tonight.  Check out the photo's and write up...

8 July 2011

I recorded SpookyMiki 4 tonight at a secret haunted location. 

1 July 2011

Northampton Spiritseekers had our fourth investigation tonight. We went to Salcey Forest. We got a lot of great photos and we think someone was following us through-out the night. Team members were Andy, Vicky, Suzie, Keith and myself. Check out the photos and stay tuned for the write up. I recorded SpookyMiki part 4 on location tonight.

28 June 2011

Had a meeting with the new-look, but smaller Northampton Spiritseekers team at Overstone Manor tonight. We discussed the new team, new locations to investigate and how we can improve and move forward in the future. We also spoke to a member of staff about the possibility of doing an investigation in the manor itself...stay tuned! 

24 June 2011 

I went to Fotheringhay Village this morning to find the site where the old castle was. Mary Queen of Scotts was held there before she was beheaded. It is just a large grassy hill now, but it does have a strange feel to it.

Northampton Ghosthunters has a change of name. We are now Northampton Spiritseekers.

21 June 2011 

Northampton Ghosthunters has a change in personel. We had a few problems that couldn't be sorted. It was best for the team.

18 June 2011 

I went on a research trip to The Hind Hotel in Wellingborough with my girlfriend Sigi. We were shown around the Georgian suite and the Queen Anne suite. The upstairs and the hall/staircase do have a strange feel about them. I think we will have to book up and stay the night investigating.

17 June 2011

Northampton Ghosthunters had our third investigation tonight. We were at a private dwelling, some Farm offices in Whittlebury. It had lots of activity and lots of interesting findings. Team members were Andy, Vicky, Suzie, Keith, Me, Penny and Stephen. See the photos and read about it here.

14 June 2011 

Northampton Ghosthunters had our second investigation tonight. We went to the Naseby Battleground, where Oliver Cromwell fought against King Charles 1. The battle took place on 13/14 June 1645. It is said that on the anniversary of the battle, it is played out again in the sky. Team members were Andy, Vicky, Suzie, Keith, Penny, Stephen and myself. See the photos and read about it on here. 

11 June 2011

The team went out on a research trip to find the lost village of Faxton. See Research page for info. 

10 June 2011

We had a team meeting at our new meeting place, Amanda and Steve's house. We discussed places to investigate, new names for our group, updating the website and also re-launching ourselves nationwide. It was finished with a session on the Ouija Board. A great meeting. 

3 June 2011

My first investigation in the Northampton Ghosthunters team was tonight at Boughton Cemetery. Members were Andy, Vicky, Penny, Suzie, Keith and Stephen and Me of course. It went very well, read about it and see the photos on here. Lets just say it is very haunted. 

Me and Andy had a meeting at Delapre Abbey with Keith from Friends of Delapre Abbey. We had a long chat about the history of the Abbey and there is a Ghost. The Grey Lady! He showed us around and gave us info on the next step in getting permission to hold an investigation there. Will keep you posted. 


27 May 2011

We had our first team meeting tonight at The Worlds End Pub. It was good finally meeting people for the first time. We had a long chat about our background and how we see the team going forward. We decided to have a quick visit to Boughton Cemetery. We took some pictures and decided to make it our first investigation.

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