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Private Farm Offices - Whittlebury

17 June 2011

Finally we have our first indoor investigation, time for some experiments and not wind noise on EVP.

This venue was arranged for us by Keith, our brilliant camera-man.

It was a wet and windy evening...good job we were going to be inside lol. Anyway, we all met up at Andy and Vicky's house at 9pm. I got there at 8.40pm, Stephen and Amanda were already there. Andy was on the internet trying to buy a camcorder for £50...bargin. I met Andy's massive cat, more like a Tiger!

Keith and Suzie arrived at 9pm. We loaded up the cars with equipment and food. Andy, Vicky and Stephen came in my car, we followed Keith and Suzie because the rest of us had no idea where we were going...

We arrived at the location at 9.30pm. We ran from the car with our bags etc...(still raining). We decided to use one of the meeting rooms as our base for the night. We unpacked all of our equipment etc...

Keith and Suzie took us on a tour of the building/s, so many extra rooms and buildings. I had a strange experience towards the end of our tour. We were all chatting at the entrance to the warehouse when I looked around in to the corridor and saw a dark figure in the corner. It scared the poop out of me. I asked Stephen if there was anything there? He went over and said he sensed an energy!

We headed back to base and had a chat about what to do next. It was agreed that we would go around each room in pairs, writing down what we saw, felt etc...

Suzie and Vicky headed off, Andy and Keith, and then Me and Stephen. Me and Stephen headed off...when we entered the sewing room, I had a horrible feeling and I felt scared. Stephen said we were being watched by a male figure, 5'10", dirty clothes, Joshua?, surname possibly Wheaten?

We were all taking photos as we walked around in pairs. I think a couple of us got a few good Orbs, but who knows what they are...

Penny joined us at 10.15pm. Vicky took her round each of the rooms. When they had finished, we all had a chat upstairs at base, about what we had found, seen etc... As we were talking Suzie suddenly burst into tears, for no reason. She didn't know why it was hapening to her. Penny took her outside to calm her down.

Next we went off as a team to call out in each of the rooms and try a few experiments. When in the sewing room, Penny was using her dowsing rods and made contact with a woman who had been strangled by the spirit in the warehouse (Andrew). Penny was getting very emotional and had to leave the room. She told us she had felt what the woman had gone through.


We all went into the warehouse next for some human dowsing. Keith 'the voice' took control. We all stood there in the dark as Keith was asking questions. Penny told us there was a male spirit in the room who didn't want us to be there. He was hiding at the edge of the room...until we turned our torches off and then he would come right us to us.

Andy said he felt something rush past him a few times as we were doing the experiment. Suzie seemed to be under a bit...she was rocking well, a sign that a spirit is trying to us our body to make contact.

It was all quiet, when suddenly Penny turns and facing Andy, says 'are you Andrew?' Well Andy was a bit freaked out by this and Penny said the question wasn't aimed at 'our' Andy, but the spirit in the room.

The male spirit seemed to get bored of us and so we headed to the entrance and tried the experiment there. Again, Suzie seemed to make contact. Her left arm kept raising on command to Keith's questioning.

At around midnight, the Ouija board came out. We went into the main offices upstairs and tried to make contact...nothing. So we tried glass divination...nothing. We went into the offices in the corner (Penny refused to go in them as she said something was very wrong in there). This is the room where earlier, Me and Andy had both complained about a feeling of our eyes being squashed. Again nothing on the Ouija board. It felt like all the spirits we had felt in the building earlier, had just gone home...

We tried the Ouija board one last time in the sewing room...nothing, so we headed upstairs and called it a night. We all had a chat about our thoughts from the night and packed up our bags.

We said our goodbyes outside at the cars and evening had a funny incident involving Penny's coat!

It was 1.45am and time for home. It had been a brilliant night and a place where we have to go back again and set up some locked off experiments. Great night team...

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