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Salcey Forest - Northamptonshire

1 July 2011


Northampton Spiritseekers finally gets to investigate the legendary Salcey Forest. This place has many stories of murder and torture going back hundreds of years, so we may have a very interesting night.

We had arranged to meet at the Queen Elanor pub at about 9pm. There was only five teams members tonight though, as Penny couldn't make it. I was the first to arrive (a little too keen I think), Andy and Vicky turned up next. We had a chat about tonight's investigation until Keith and Suzie arrived. We followed them to the forest...they knew a good place on the south side that is supposed to be haunted.

When we arrived, we got our bags and equipment ready. I made the mistake of not having a rucksack with me, only a Tesco bag for life. I put my food and flask in that and we headed off to the woods. This made the other four laugh at me, basically because I looked very silly and like I was going shopping. I couldn't take the shame so I put my food in my empty pockets and my drink in Andy's bag...It did make me laugh... great start for the night lol

We headed off into the woods. The sun was going down and it was still pretty light as we walked deeper into the woods. The atmosphere did change though...more heavy I think is the best word to use. We walked past lots of dry muddy puddles on our way to a clearing.

Suzie told us she had felt something in this area on her previous visits. Andy also said he had a strange feeling here. I really liked this area, I had a nice feeling and I was drawn to it, maybe because of the way the trees were cleared?...can't explain it.

We stopped for a break at a bench...to wait until the it became dark. We had a chat about our lives etc...

It was finally dark at 10.30pm and so off we went to take some pictures and find a few good places to do some calling out and other experiments. As we walked deeper into the darkness, it felt like we were being followed. It wasn't a nice feeling. We took lots of good photos...a couple of strange Orbs.

If I was walking through these woods on my own at night I think I would have a heart attack...very freaky, especially because of all the noises made from the animals running around in the bushes.

We came to a second bench and we stopped for a rest. We decided to do a seance here. As we were calling out, Suzie had a pain in her side that didn't go away until we left the bench...very strange. We heard lots of noises while we were calling out, but mainly animal I think.


We headed back to the clearing where we were earlier. It was now 12.30am. Suzie picked up lots of weird Orbs in her photo's, as we were walking.

When we arrived at the clearing, I felt a strange falling sensation as I walked past a particular area. I did it three times and everytime I had the same feeling. Suzie tried the same area but she didn't feel it.

I headed off to the side to set up my camera for my SpookyMiki video. Keith gave me his tripod for my camera. It was was a bit scary in the woods on my own with nothing but my camera...I felt like I was on Most Haunted lol  Anyway, I recorded my video, with the help of some Moths.

I joined the rest of the team and we did another seance. We had a few dripping noises that we couldn't explain...but that was about it. We headed back to the car park. We pasted the dry muddy puddles...except one wasn't dry. It was full of water, but it hadn't rained? Weird!

We got back to the car at 1.30am. It had been a brilliant investigation and we had a great time. We were all buzzing, just a shame Penny wasn't with us.

We will definately be coming back here to investigate again, so stay tuned...

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