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St John's Boughton - Northampton

01 October 2011


Well what can you say?.......We at Northampton Spiritseekers just love Bougton Cemetery!!!

Another investigation, third time now...a great way to blend our new team members into the wonderful life of NSS.

The plan was to get over to the cemetery at around 8.30pm, but Penny and Becky wouldn't be turning up until after 10pm, so we put it back to 9pm start. Alex picked me up on the way. Emma was already there in the car park waiting for us...she's an early bird, very prompt.

Andy and Vicky were the next to turn up. We had a quick chat about the plan of the evening and what things we would be doing.

Andy and myself headed into the grounds at about 9.15pm to do the base checks. It's quite hard to do a thorough job though with it being outside and the wind and noises from the road. We went to the known hot-spot areas and then headed back to the car park.

We had decided, with it being Alex and Emma's first investigation with us, that we would send them into the cemetery on their own with just a torch each and see how they handle the darkness, the strange feelings and also see whether they could pick anything up.

After 15 minutes they came back up to see us and tell us how they found it. They said they felt areas that were strange and made them feel a bit sick. They also heard some noises but they were probably rabbits or badgers. I think they handled it well for their first time.

The five of us got our camera's ready and headed into the grounds for a walk round and take some photo's. I had gone back to using my Digital SLR camera instead of my compact, less orbs or flies.

We got some quite interesting photo's. Tonight felt very strange in the cemetery...we are here quite often but tonight something was different? Can't say what though...

At around 10.15pm we heard the gate opening and a dark figure walking down towards us. It was Nick (Penny's partner). We headed up into the car park to have a break and wait for the other two.

Penny and Becky arrived at about 10.25pm. We finally got to see Becky...she IS real! We all said our hello's and then it was time to do some vigils. We split into two groups. Me, Andy, Emma and Becky headed off down to the tree at the bottom where the young girl is. Penny, Vicky, Alex and Nick went off into the church and the graves over the far side.

Becky is like Penny, can hear spirits but can also see them. Becky was telling us what she was picking up down by the tree. She told us she felt sick, like there had been a fire down there and that people used to meet on the quiet and hold meetings about something they shouldn't have been. Emma also said she felt a bit sick.

Next we headed up to the top of the cemetery. We sat on the bench and looked around the cemetery. Becky said there was some people stood near us just watching over the cemetery, not concerning themselves with us. She also saw a women kneeling down crying over what felt like a husband or father. We went over to the area but there was no grave stone there. The women was still crying though. The other group came up to meet us. Penny and Becky then tried to communicate with her using the dowsing rods, but didn't really get anything concrete.

It was now about 11.15pm and we went up for a break. At 11.30pm we headed back down for the second lot of vigils. This time we went down into the church. We didn't really pick anything up in there, so we headed over to the far side of the graves. As we were walking down towards the bottom corner, Andy and Becky both felt and saw the presence of a man. As we walked further down, he was making himself heard. He was making clicking noises and we heard heavy breaths. Even Emma and myself heard him breathing. He was standing by the far wall and he said to us 'go away' in an angry way. Becky didn't want to go any further because we didn't have protection against this spirit and also because she knew that he didn't want us there. Emma tried to take a picture and her camera just went dead. It had just been working.

We met the rest of the team in the church and discussed what had just happened. At this point Emma's camera started to work, still had half a battery. Seems that the spirit had drained the power in her camera. That is a first for us.

We all went over to try and find a grave for this man. Andy was picking up an age of around 47. We found him in the bottom corner. His name was Sir John Robinson. Maybe he felt that we were like peasants to him, being a knight of the relm after all. Andy and Penny went to try and contact him. They got a male spirit, aged in his 40's, asked him to come closer and he said yes. They heard footsteps in the woods next to them. They asked him to affect one of them and Penny got bad chest pains. They were getting stronger and stronger so they walked away from the grave. She was ok after a few seconds away from that area.


We headed up for one last break before the final seance in the centre of the church. Time was getting on, about 1.15am. Alex set up the night vision camera and we all got in position. Penny gave us all her Wiccan protection and we began.

We all held hands and started calling out. We got a few strange noises that may not have been natural...paranormal? we need the proof. At one stage it seemed that all the breeze had gone, no sounds and like everything was still. This lasted about five minutes...and then things started happening. We asked the spirits to make contact with us and affect us, we all suddenley went very cold and we felt a breeze just around our bodies. Never felt that before...it was like the spirits were trying to break the circle and get in the middle of us.

We decided to call it a night and pack up our stuff. As we were walking out of the church, Andy was taking some photo's and kept getting strange orbs in the pictures. He kept asking if 'they' could get in the picture again...and they did. Picture after picture, the same large red orb was there. We asked if they could let us see something else and a large white object fell down from the wall of the church. It was amazing, like a real sign of contact...paranormal 100%.

As we were walking out of the grounds and through the gate, we were still hearing noises and Andy was still getting the red orbs. It was like they didn't want us to leave. We packed away our equipment and all said our goodbyes. It was 2am when we left.

This investigation was definately the best one so far at Boughton Cemetery...we will be back i'm sure of it...

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