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St John's Church Ruins - Boughton Cemetery

3 June 2011


Well the time had finally arrived...our first paranormal investigation as a team. Northampton Ghosthunters...this is where it all begins. I have always wanted to investigate this place, I have previously tried twice before and something has always happened and made it impossible to do.

Anyway, back to tonight. We had all arranged to meet at the cemetery at 9pm. Andy and Vicky had picked Stephen, our medium, up and where waiting for me when I arrived. Suzie and Keith arrived next, closley followed by Penny, our empath/witch. We all had a quick hello and went into the cemetery to get our bearings. We were walking round and getting a feel for the place.

When the sun went down we started to take some photos and see if we picked up anything strange. Me and Keith picked up some very interesting Orbs, which were near enough in the same part of the cemetery...that's quite interesting.

Andy, Vicky and Penny went for a walk along the top and felt very sick and sad in one particular spot. They came back and told Me and Suzie about the feeling. We went to see if we could find and feel the same area. We didn't feel sick but my legs did go hot in a certain spot, when Suzie was calling out.


Penny and Andy had a bad feeling and a pounding headache in one corner of the ruins.

We started the investigation at around 10.30pm. Suzie suggested a seance to start with. We all held hands and Keith started the calling out...he has the voice for it lol  Stephen didn't join in, he was watching us and trying to pick anything up.

We heard a few noises, but mainly outside noises and a few clicking sounds but we didn't know the cause of them. Me and Andy had a small pain in our feet, but I think it was becasue we were on a bit of a slope. We moved and the pain my feet went away.

We decided to move out of the grounds of the church and into the rest of the cemetery, mainly because we felt that we were safe because of being within the grounds of the church and wanted to see what we could pick up elsewhere.

We got into postion and did another seance. Again Stephen watched us and took a few photo's. While we were asking questions, a few of us felt strange. Penny felt like she was being pushed down, and falling, Andy kept being touched on his shoulder and neck. I had a numb feeling in my right arm, leading to a very painful shoulder and arm.

During the seance, Penny said she had an image of a small girl down the bottom and watching us. Stephen also said he had seen a small girl. We headed down to the bottom of the cemetery where Penny had seen the girl. As we were walking down through the bushes, Penny heard a girls voice call out and I am so happy to say that so did I. It was very short but 100% there.


At the bottom, Penny was chatting to a young boy using her dowsing rods...he was about 17. She also found the young girl see had seen. She was the other side of the wall and Penny said it was like she was not allowed to come our side. She was about 14.

At 12.15am we decided to call it a night. We all headed up to the cars and had a chat. It had been a brilliant investigation with some strange findings. We all want to go back again and try investigating different areas of the cemetery.

A brilliant night and a great start for Northampton Ghosthunters....

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