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St Mary's Church

17 September 2011


St Mary's Church in the small village of East Haddon. I had been given this venue by our historian Nick. It has links to three other local historical places that are supposed to be haunted.

This was not an investigation, just a trip to see if it was worth going back.

Me and Alex arrived first. The church was massive and lit up on the main road. We went round the back where the graveyard was. It was very dark behind the church and didn't feel too nice.

Andy arrived next with Jamie. We all had a look around and took some photo's. We got some very interesting ones.

Penny was the last to arrive. She went round with her rods and made contact with a spirit called David who had a connection with the war. He wasn't burried there though.

We did a couple of little experiments with our torches. Nothing really brilliant, but these things need to be done to rule out anything natural.

It was a good trip and we will be coming back here to do a proper Northampton Spiritseekers investigation.

Stay tuned.....

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