Spooky Miki

St Mary's Guildhall - Coventry

15 November 2008

Another weekend, another investigation. Again back with Paranormal Nights. This location was a first for Paranormal Nights. It has a history of strange activity and that's why we were there.

I had my Mum along with me for the night. I was looking forward to seeing if she would pick anything up, she has been told that she could be a medium and was strongly advised to develop it.

We were meeting at 8pm...well that was the plan before getting lost. The one-way system in Coventry is horrible and I hope to not go back again lol

We arrived at 7.55pm, found a car park 15 minutes walk away and then met everyone else in the main hall.

As usual we had a small chat about what the night would entail. We then went off into groups and had our usual talks. After the talks and refreshments it was time for the vigils to begin.

It was about 10.30pm now. We headed upstairs to the hall. We all sat around the room on the floor. We asked out for any spirits. I was very tired and I actually fell asleep...and snoring lol I woke up to people looking down on me, I felt shame but never mind.

We headed up to the great hall next. There was lots of massive paintings all around the sides. We went into a small store area. We sat on the floor in silence. We heard lots of strange noises. We moved into the next room. It had a large table in the middle. We got the Ouija Board out. My Mum had a go on it. Nothing was picked up.

We went downstairs for a coffee...double for me, need to stay awake. Next we headed out of the main building and into the other side of the courtyard. We did some calling out on the main staircase there. We saw a few strange lights that couldn't be explained.

At 3pm, we headed off to our last vigils of the night. We went into the kitchen. We tried a bit of glass divination. The glass did move around on the table, but not that strongly. One of the other groups had done the same experiment and had a knife fly across the kitchen...nothing like that for us.

We all met up in the main hall before we left. There was a problem with one of the crew (Nick) and the caretaker of the building. Apparantly he had been following us around and moving things and making noises to make it seem like there was lots of activity. Nick was very angry about this and he had to be calmed down.

All in all it had been a rather boring investigation, nothing paranormal and I felt bad for my Mum because it was her first investigation and it was pretty crap. Oh well they can't all be Spooky!!!

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