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Delapre Abbey Tea Rooms - Northampton

29 July 2011

I had a bit of pressure on me with this investigation...I had arranged this one myself.

We all met at the Abbey at 8pm. It has amazing grounds and scenery. We had a walk around the grounds surrounding the building and took a few photo's.

We were supossed to be meeting Keith form Friends of Delapre Abbey at around 9pm. What we didn't realise was that he was inside already, as he hadn't gone home and was doing some work. We had been walking round and round waiting until 9pm lol

Keith opened the door at 9pm. We got all of our gear and headed inside. He gave us a quick tour of the tea rooms and told us a few stories about the place...Andy and Penny were outside because they didn't want to hear any of the stories.

Keith left us to it and we headed upstairs and set up base. We all set up some triggar objects and had a walk round taking photo's and getting a feel for the place. The lights went out and we began...

Andy and Penny went round each room explaining what they felt or saw. Penny made contact with an old lady in the entrance, she had a nice perfume on. Andy picked up the year of 1945... close to the year that the previous owner died in, right here in the tea rooms. We had a cold spot near the counter in the entrance that we couldn't explain. Suzie's EMF metre went crazy around the same place as the cold spot, but it could have been caused by the electricity in the kitchen next door...lots of fridges, who knows?

We headed round the corner to a small room next to Keith's office. Penny had butterflies in her stomach and didn't like going into the area. She picked up a man on the floor, who was curled up in pain. He was wearing blue/grey RAF jacket.

Andy had a different view, he said he was cowering on the floor like he was scared. I felt a sharp pain in my left leg about the right hight for the man who was on the floor? After we left the room, Andy went back to the room and said that the man on the floor gets up when he is alone, but gets back on the floor when people go towards him.


Next was the room that the old lady is supossed to have died in. Penny was having problems with her arms, they felt very heavy. We set up a bell triggar object in this room and left the voice recorder next to it, incase it rang anytime during the investigation.

The big dinning room upstairs made Andy chuckle when he went inside. Penny wasn't so happy...she had pains in her kidney's and felt a general unwell feeling. We could all smell the burning of wood in the room?

We went out into the gardens next. Penny saw a young lady spirit in the garden and asked her if she was the same lady as the one who had the perfume inside...she said yes? She was from a different time though. Like two times of her life visiting the abbey. This lady showed Penny the roses and told her that she was very proud of them, but the Lady and the Fish statue next to them was an eyesore and she didn't like it. Andy saw a dog of a spirit and called it over. It is said that dogs that visit the tea rooms in the day time have a problem going towards the back door at the bottom of the stairs. That's probably the cause of this problem...the spirit of a dog at the back door? Sounds a like a good reason to me.

We headed back inside, and when we went past the back staircase I felt very drained of energy. But only in this area, and Andy said he wanted to scratch the skin off his arms...very strange.

Time was ticking, about 10pm and we headed into the room where the woman died in to do some table tipping and a seance. I sat this one out because I was filming on my night vision camcorder. The table was vibrating while we were calling out asking questions. It was like the spirit couldn't get enough energy to move the table more than just a vibration. Suzie had a feeling in her arm and said her left hand was touched. Andy said he felt very sleepy and just wanted to go to sleep. Maybe that's how the old lady died...in her sleep?

I thought I had picked up an Orb on film, but I later found out that it was just a fly... next time maybe?

We did our last vigil upstairs in the room our kit was in. We all sat around the outside and called out. The EMF metre didn't change and I didn't pick anything up on film. The triggar objects of toy cars in another room upstairs hadn't moved. We did have a slight movement on the sand pendulum upstairs though...can't explain how that moved on it's own?

It was now 11pm and we had just about finished everything. We went to see Keith to tell him what we had picked up and see if he could confirm anything we had found. He said the old owner came back to the abbey in 1942 and died in 1943. She wanted to die here where she was happy.

We said our goodbyes and Andy, Vicky, Penny and Richard went home. I went for a walk with Suzie and Keith (not the abbey Keith). We walked around the grounds one more time, discussing the nights investigations. I recorded a new Spooky Miki video and left for home at 11.50pm.

It had been a great investigation with lots of good findings from our medium in training and our empath/witch...until next time, goodnight...

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