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The Golden Fleece Inn - York

5 April 2008

The Golden Fleece Inn, York. One of the most haunted pubs in England…so they say? I was going to find out. The famous crew of Most Haunted had spent a night there and experienced many strange things.

I had the pleasure of Richard Felix (Most Haunted historian) as my host for the evening. We had a ghost walk of York before a slap up meal and vigils in the Inn. We all met in the Golden Fleece before we set off on our walk. It was pretty cool when Richard walked through the door, this was the man off the TV lol.

Richard took us out into the cold to various haunted locations through-out the city. It started to snow while Richard was telling us about the history and spirits at each location. Passers by kept shouting out ‘there’s a ghost’ when they saw Richard, I thought that was quite funny actually, although I bet he gets it a lot.

After the two hour tour of York’s most haunted locations we headed back to the Inn for a drink and a chance to chat to Richard. I had a quick chat with him about Derek Acorah and Most Haunted Live in Holland. He told me that Derek is a very nice man and that he is genuine. He also told me that he (Richard) doesn’t have much time for Yvette or Karl (Most Haunted) and he even made them pay rent of £750 for hiring Derby Gaol for the night (Richard owns it) when Most Haunted visited there.  He also told me that Derek Acorah wanted to buy his long black leather coat off him but Richard said ‘no way it’s my trademark’.

He said that people in Holland don’t believe in ghosts or spirits and that’s why nothing was found when Most Haunted did two Live nights there recently. I found him very interesting and also a very nice man.

We had a bit of grub and then the empty Golden Fleece was ours. Richard had a few little experiments for us to have a go at. He gave us pendulums and different dowsing rods. It was pretty cool having a go at using these, as I have never used them before. After we had finished using these, we all split up into three groups and we each went into a bedroom. I went into the Minster bedroom. The story for this room is that at night when people are asleep in this room the bed moves. So we all sat on the bed in the dark and in silence. It was a bit scary being in the dark with strangers…lets just say the bed never moved and no ghosts were found in this room.

We all met back up again in the function room at 1.30am. We all told Richard what we had felt or didn’t feel in the bedrooms. We had another experiment to do next…spiritual drawing. I was one of five people who had a go first. We all had one finger on the writing planchet and that was resting on a large piece of paper. We all asked questions to the spirits and it moved accordingly. We had a very strange picture at the end, with what looked like horns and hooks. Another had a go and the same horn and hook shapes were on their picture as well. Very strange!

Next I went up for some glass divination…people with one finger on a glass and glass moves around if spirits move it when answering questions. It was moving an awful lot. We found out that an 18-year-old girl was moving the glass and got a message to her brother, who was at the table with me, and her mum and dad who were sat watching. This girl had passed away 10 years previously, she had been visiting the family home at night. We also found out that it was this same girl who was moving the writing planchette earlier. Everyone was crying and it was pretty emotional.

Table tipping was our last experiment of the night at 3am. I was on the table with one other person. The table we were using was Richard’s from Derby Gaol, it was small and very narrow. He told us that it had a spirit attached to it. He was saying things to this spirit that made it angry. It was moving a little bit at first, like a small vibration and as Richard kept on and on saying more things and the table was getting very active. In the end it basically walked itself out of the room and out into the hall. It was amazing to be touching this table and to be experiencing this. I know for a fact this was not made up.

We made our way downstairs to the bar and all said our goodbyes. It had been an amazing night not only because of Richard and the venue we were in, but because of what I had seen and experienced!!!!!

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