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The Hind Hotel - Wellingborough

28 October 2011

The Hind Hotel, the place where Oliver Cromwell is supossed to have planned the battle of Naseby. It is a very old hotel with a great history of hauntings and paranormal activity....lights turning on and off by themselves, spirits walking around the building and a creepy atmosphere at night.

This had been booked for a couple of months and one we were all really excited about. We decided to invite a couple of extra people to create a bigger group so we could cover a larger area of the building.

We had booked the three main function rooms...The Georgian, The Queen Anne and The Cromwellian Room. All three rooms were supossed to been haunted. Did we find the spirits of these rooms? Keep reading to find out...

Andy and myself arrived at the hotel just after 6pm. We went in and settled the bill. We carried our equipment upstairs and headed for the Georgian...this room was going to be our base camp for the night. But all did not go to plan.

We opened the door and the room was full of people and tables, all set up and ready for dinner. This wasn't good. We went over to the Queen Anne room...this was empty but not how I had asked the room to be set up. We headed back downstairs, not in the best of moods.

We spoke to the girl on reception and she checked our booking in all three rooms. The manager came out at this point, and told us she had us booked in for 8pm - 12am. We had a small discussion about this and went back upstairs.

Alex and Gary now arrived to find out the news of our little adventure so far... We went down to meet them and help them carry up all the cases of equipment, Alex has A LOT!

We checked out the Cromwell room and it was also set up for dinner service. This was not looking good for our investigation and the lack of respect show to us so far.

We unpacked all the equipment and started the fun part of trying to connect everything. Me and Andy did base checks in the Queen Anne and Cromwell, while Alex and Gary set up the camera's etc...

The people in the Georgian suite finally left about 7.15pm. That was good news...but we were to have some more bad news. The team from Haunted Weekends had arrived a day early to set up their cables and internet connection.

We had a quick chat with them and then carried on trying to set up the camera's and live streaming on the website. Me and Andy did base checks in the Georgian now that it was empty...but still not set up how I wanted.

The manager came to speak to us about the other group. She told us they had arrived early and that they were not supossed to be setting up their cables etc... until tomorrow. She apologised and said that we could stay after midnight if we wanted to, maybe as a way of saying sorry for the rooms being busy and not set up how we had asked and been told that they would be.

We had a chat with the owner of the hotel as he was walking round. He was impressed that we were going to be live streaming our night and asked us if we could host an event here on Halloween night...sorry we are at the Old Black Lion. We gave him our business card and he said he was going to watch us later on the internet.

It was now 8pm and time to go downstairs and meet the rest of the team. Emma, Penny, Nick and Claire arrived. We had a chat then headed upstairs. Alex and Andy got the live streaming set up and we were ready. Vicky and Jamie arrived at 8.30pm.

We had a walk round with everyone and we were ready to go. The other group said we could borrow their internet cable to help with connection.

We split up into our two teams and went our separate ways. I had Penny, Vicky, Jamie and Nick in my team. My team headed into the Georgian and Andy's team stayed in the Queen Anne.

I took Penny into the Cromwell for the first lone vigil of the night. I set up the camera and left her to it. I went back to my team and started doing some scrying with the crystal ball. We didn't really have much luck with it. I went back to get Penny and found the other group coming out of Cromwell with a long cable. They had walked in on Penny while she was on her vigil... They kept saying 'I have a cable'. They were starting to get on our nerves.

Penny said she had a very interesting time on her vigil...her chair moved, she heared loud noises in the preist hole. Need to watch the video back. We went into the kitchen to try some glass divination. Jamie had seen a dark figure walk past the small window earlier. We didn't get the glass to move though.

The internet had gone down and it didn't even work with the cable. Andy and Alex were trying to fix the problem and get us back live again. We decided to have a break and try and calm down. The internet was a no go and I gave them their cable back.

Whilst we were doing our vigils, all we could hear was the other group sitting outside the rooms playing on the internet and talking. It was very annoying and tempers were getting high. We asked them what time they were going because they were too noisey. Very unprofessional and not fair on us.

The teams swapped rooms and started our second vigil session. I left my team in the Queen Anne and headed into the Cromwell for my lone vigil. It was a very dark place with the lights off. I sat there talking to myself and calling out. I didn't hear any strange noises or have anything move. I did feel that there was someone watching me from the back of the room...maybe three spirits. I went very cold and felt very uneasy. I got out of their pretty quick lol...

When I got back, the team were having no luck on the ouija board. Nick had gone home, as he was not well. Andy's team were heading into the Cromwell, one by one to do their lone vigils. We stopped using the board and tried some automatic writing. Vicky went first, with Penny talking her through it. The pen was moving but not hard enough to get the ink out...maybe a pencil would be better?

Jamie had a go next. He had the same problem as Vicky with the pen. Something for our next investigation. This room seemed as dead as the Georgian.

Jamie and Vicky wanted to do their lone vigil together. I took them in and left them to it. Vicky said afterwards, that she felt like someone was behind her and watching. It was break time.

Emma was the last of us all to go and do her lone vigil. She had the door catch open on her while she was sitting their. She didn't hear any footsteps outside in the corridor and no-one was around. Very interesting to watch back.

We all tried a seance as a group in the Queen Anne. Alex, Penny and Andy seemed to be affected. Cold breeze on their hands and face, and Andy was getting pains in his arm. Again nothing really that good. We headed into Cromwell for our final vigil.


It was now 12.30am. We started on the ouija table. The glass wasn't moving, so we used a small saucer/plate instead. We were calling out and it started to move...not much, maybe a couple of inches. It was very frustrating and a bad way to end the night. It was time to finish.

We went back into the Queen Anne to discuss our nights investigation and for Emma to tell us about the research on the building.

We started to pack up equipment at about 1am. We all said our goodbyes at 1.30am and left.


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