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The Old Black Lion Pub - Northampton

12 November 2011

Finally a proper investigation at the old black lion pub, after all the meetings and visits, we get to hunt these ghosts properly.

Andy and Vicky were already there when I arrived. Vicky's friend Lou was also there, she was on her first paranormal investigation and didn't know what to expect...I'll tell you what? Lots of scary stuff lol

We ordered some grub and waited for the rest of the team to arrive.  Alex turned up next with a car full of equipment.

I brought my new automatic writing planchette with me for us to use. Me and Andy helped Alex set up the equipment and run cables up from the tunnel.

Emma, Penny, Becky and Claire arrived, but Jamie couldn't make it. We all had a chat about the night and what to expect. We split up into two teams and went around taking photos. When Andy's team were down in the tunnel, Penny made contact with a spirit. She was communicating with the spirit at the back wall. My team was watching the action on the monitors upstairs.

After we had all been on a look around, we all met in the function room for a break.
Next we decided to have a try on my new writing planchette. We stayed in the function room and put the tables together. It only took a couple of minutes to start moving. It was heading in the direction of Clare, she didn't really like it and she was getting upset. We asked the spirit to stop concentrating on her. But, it went straight back to her...Very odd, spirits normally don't like to harm or cause people to get upset. Maybe it had some help???

Penny said that the spirit was of a small girl called Amy. I was walking around the table and filming while the rest of the team made contact.  At one point we asked Amy to try and make a sound and then the men's toilet door opened. We all looked round at the door and couldn't believe what we had just seen. We were all at the table and nowhere near the toilets...very good paranormal activity if you ask me.

Adrian Perkins and Lewis Dellar turned up to see us and have a chat. Adrian and Lewis are professionals who go round and go on paranormal investigations by invite from different teams. They also do research for the paranormal books that Adrian writes.
Andy and myself have been chatting to Adrian on Facebook. We were talking about what we do on investigations and some of the places we have been to. It was nice to get the opinions of two professionals in this field. They didn't stay long because they were on their way to another investigation. They headed off and we carried on with some ghost business.

I took Alex, Emma, Claire and Lou down in the tunnel. We started on the Ouija board. It took a few minutes to get going and start to move. We made contact with a man who was murdered down in the tunnel. He was telling us the date he died, how many of us were around the table and todays date.

At this point Claire was getting a bit freaked out by what was happening... We were asking questions on the board, when we suddenly heard a very load bang. It came from the bottom of the stairs and sounded like a crate had been smashed on the floor. This was very very distinctive and very clear. We turned the light on and there was nothing there. We were very shaken up by this....well it couldn't be explained so it must have been 100% paranormal.

Clare asked to be taken out of the tunnel because she didn't like the feeling in there anymore. We continued to have a good conversation on the board with the spirit who was murdered down in the tunnel in the 1800s. He told us that there were spirits down there with us who wanted to harm us...and that if we got the rest of the team down there with us then we would come to harm. A threat from a spirit or group of spirits is a bit disturbing to say the least.

I kept asking more and more questions and the glass was going crazy and seemed to be getting more angry. At this point Penny and Becky came through the door and told us to step away from the board. They said we needed to stop because the negativity was getting too much and bad things could be about to happen. They binded this spirit and banished him from the tunnel. It was very strange to see Penny like this.

Becky had been watching us on the board and was getting more and more upset in what was going on with us in the tunnel.

We had a break and had a look at the camera footage of the loud bang in the tunnel. We got it and was great paranormal footage that we can't explain. We also caught the function room door close on it's own with no one around. Another great piece of evidence.

We all discussed going back down in the tunnel again on the board. Some team members were not too keen. We did go down anyway. Again the glass started to move and a spirit came through. We were communicating for about ten minutes when suddenly it just stopped??? We kept asking out, but nothing...it seems the spirits needed a little help!

We decided to call it a night at 11.15pm and packed up the equipment. I think it has been a brilliant night for paranormal activity and a great place that we need to investigate again.

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