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Woodchester Mansion - Cotswolds

16 August 2008

I'm getting hooked on this Ghost Hunting lark. Maybe I just like being scared or maybe it's the unknown and the enjoyment of searching for things that can't be seen...who knows? But I just love it!

Woodchester Mansion in the Cotswolds, in the middle of nowhere. Sounds like a good place to be in the dark looking for ghosts and being a little scared...no-one can hear you scream!

Anyway, tonights visit to this amazing 19th century gothic house was being hosted by Paranormal Nights. We arrived outside this old farm gate, basically in the middle of nowhere. Other people started to turn up, but we were all a little confused because the Mansion was not anywhere to be seen, just fields. It was now about 7pm and we had been told to arrive for around 7.30pm. An old man appeared from the field and opened the gate. He told us to drive down the driveway to the house, but to do so slowly, as the road was a bit bumpy.

Bumpy wasn't the word...more like Barut! We were bouncing all over the place. It took about 5 minutes for us to reach the house. On the way down there were small Deer in the clearings either side of the road. We parked up and got out to meet the crew and the other guests.

The Mansion was very impressive but was very derelict. It had scaffolding on one half, maybe to keep it from falling down? As we walked into the old, dusty, empty corridors, I could feel this was going to be a good night. It had something very spooky about it. We met in the drawing room, the only room in the whole house that has heating and electricity. We had some refreshments and then had a little talk from the crew. We split up into three groups.

We had three talks from the crew. One was a mediumship chat. The second was about equipment and how to use it. The third was a tour of the building and the surroundings. I had a chat with a lady medium. She was very knowledgable and certainly knows her stuff.

At about 11.30pm, our group heading upstairs to the bathroom for our first vigil. There were no carpets or wallpaper in this house, just stone floors and walls. We all sat down on our pillows (we were told to bring them with us). We all had a piece of equipment each to use. We all sat there in silence and each one of us called out to see if any spirits were with us. We heard a few very strange noises and we all saw a flash of light in the bath. This was pretty cool and I actually saw it!

Next we headed upstairs to the attic. This was very cold because some of the roof tiles were missing. The story goes that the workmen who were rebuilding this house were scared away by spirits of people who died here and they left their tools and never came back. That's why it has never been finished.

Anyway, back to the attic. We all sat down and called out again. We had the medium with us this time. One of the crew members kept feeling strange and unwell. The medium said a bad spirit was hovering over him and causing him to feel bad. This spirit was a Frenchman apparantly and was not happy that we were there.

We went downstairs for a cup of coffee etc... Next we went down to the cellar. It was a very cold and damp place with a bad feeling. We all sat around the edge of the cellar. A couple of minutes after sitting down, we heard a loud bang! That scared us. No-one was in this part of the building apart from us in this room. It sounded like it came from outside the cellar entrance.

The crew set up a couple of pendulums that glowed in the dark and some of us got dowsing rods to use. I dont really trust the rods, one small movement and they spin and move. Some people seemed to be having a conversation with a spirit using the rods. They were crossing for yes etc...

The crew member said that everytime he comes to Woodchester Mansion, he has problems in the cellar. The spirit that is in here is not a nice spirit and was a bad man when he was alive. Dave (crew member) kept trying to make him angry by telling the spirit that he wasn't going to leave until he did something. Suddenley Dave screamed outload... he was holding his back in pain. He said the spirit had pinched him. I was sitting next to Dave and I saw nothing. Some of the other people around the room kept saying that they saw shadows moving etc... and the pendulum moving?

Not me...and then a dark shadow and breeze went straight at my face. Well lots of swear words were said...wow that was an amazing feeling. I had seen my first spirit. I was so happy but also a bit scared. We left the cellar just after that. As we walked out of the cellar we noticed that the room next to cellar had the big old steel door shut...it was open when we went in the cellar! The door is too heavy for a draft to close it. Maybe the cause of the big bang? Who knows...

Another cup of coffee was needed. Dave showed us his back and he had a large red mark on his back. Had that spirit really hurt him? Looks like it to me. That freaked me out a little.

We went up to the old kitchen next. It was 3am and we were all getting tired now. We sat down and used the dowsing rods again. We contacted a lady called Mary who used to work here. I was falling asleep in the corner.

Our last vigil was in the old chapel near the entrance. Again we were on the floor. We all sat in silence. I kept seeing red and blue flashes. I couldn't explain then. Just before we finished, a small stone came at us and hit a scaffolding pole. That made us all shout. Again no-one was around us so how can we explain this?

At 4.30am we all met back in the drawing room. We all talked about what we had seen and heard. This had been a very good night. Lots of things I have seen and heard cannot be explained. All in all a very good investigation with Paranormal Nights and I definately want to come back to Woodchester Mansion!!

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